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Do you want to have a modern and unique family portrait?
We offer an original tailor-made creation service: portrait one or more members of your family, from a picture. It can be a couple, siblings, a group of friends, a family, a newborn, grandparents and their grandchildren... the possibilities are endless.

The portrait is printed on a single art print, or can be used as a support for a personalized invitation for example. A drawn portrait is an original gift for a special occasion: Mother's Day, a birthday, a wedding or a baptism... A personalized, sentimental souvenir to offer to our beloved ones or ourselves!

Marie-Laure is a graduate in urban design and illustrator. She is passionated about architecture and in love with her adpoted city Montreal. She loves to draw what surrounds her, funny scenes from her everyday life. After the huge success of her Montreal houses collection, we launched the house portrait Draw me my house in 2018. We are thrilled by the success and requests of family portraits. We are now enthusiastically embarking on the Draw me!

Here are some examples of our achievements:


Useful info:

- Portraits drawn by Marie-Laure Plano, line sketch hand made, digital colorization 
- Creation and printing time: 1 to 3 weeks
- Color printing on digital press, on high-end paper
- Shipping with cardboard and cello or in a rigid tube. Workshop pick-up is free!

Validation : We'll send you the sketch before printing. You'll be able to ask for small changes / adjustments.

- Art print 8''X10'' limited edition (signed and numbered): beginning at $135 + the following at $35. Price depends on the number of persons or pets to draw, from:
- 135$ for 2 persons
- 175$ for 3 persons
- 205$ for 4 persons
- 240$ for 5 persons
- 275$ for 6 persons
- 310$ for 7 persons
Additional copies are 35$

- Art print 12''X18'' or 13"X19" limited edition (signed and numbered): beginning at $180 + the following at $65:
- 180$ for 2 persons
- 215$ for 3 persons
- 250$ for 4 persons
- 285$ for 5 persons
- 320$ for 6 persons
- 355$ for 7 persons
Additional copies are 65$

- Art print other size: price upon request

Please contact us if you have any question!

Please send your photo to marie@liligraffiti.com.

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