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Draw me my house

Are you in love with your house?
We offer a completely original service: draw the facade of your house, to keep a unique souvenir.

Marie-Laure is a urban designer and illustrator. Passionated about architecture and in love with Montreal, she loves to draw houses, inspired by the shapes, colors, and varied architecture of Montreal's façades.

Whether it is your triplex, your house with garden, the window of your shop or your cottage, the house is a living place where memories are created over the years and events.

This is a custom-made creation, from a picture, of the facade of your house. The possibilities are endless and it is 100% personalized! It can also be the front door, an interior room of the house, your family or your pets in front of the house, your house with the seasons... It is also possible to add a short text.



Useful info:

- The price for the creation of an illustration is $ 175
- The price for printing the illustration on an 8'X10 ’’ poster is $ 25
- The price for printing the illustration on a 12x16 ", 12''X18" or 13'X19 "poster is $ 55

Please contact us if you have any question!

Please send your photo to marie@liligraffiti.com.

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