Ce que je préfère... (Édition du temps des fêtes)

Things I love (Christmas edition)

A new category on the blog, with a never-seen-before illustration!

We really wanted to end this year on a nice and sweet note, by offering you a brand new category on the blog, celebrating things we love and of course, with the adequate illustration.
As you may have noticed with my work, I am a positive and optimistic person; I am your typical "half-full glass girl, and I love small everyday pleasures.
All of this gave us the idea of this illustration, very Pintererest-like, to present you my favourite things to do around Christmas time.
This year has been a rough one, and I think we all could use a bit more of magic and a little appreciation for small everyday happy bits. Especially during Christmastime, as we know many of you won't be able to visit family and friends, I wanted to show you what always makes me happy at this time of the year.

1-Wrapping presents for my loved ones
I sure love to find the perfect gift for each family member, the one that will make their eye sparkle and will make them smile.
I love even more the moment I take for myself wrapping these nice things with simple brown paper or, if I want to add a touch of colour, with our brand new wrapping sheets!

2-Lighting up winter-themed candles

When December comes, I love having my house smelled like Christmas. I'm particularly fond of woodsy smells, those which remind me of a nice walk in the woods, but also that make me want to enjoy being near the fireplace. I also love the sweet and spicy smells, that make me want to be in the kitchen, like gingerbread or cinnamon.

3-Catching up on my reading
I love this moment when night happens in the middle on the afternoon, it always makes me want to cuddle in my favorite chair and pick one book from my reading pile. I rarely indulge in such a moment, that's why I cherish them when they happen.

4-Crafting a Christmas wreath

Nothing screams Christmas like a fresh wreath hung on your front door.
I love to make one each year, from scratch, using a golden metal circle, that I garnish according to my mood and/or the Pinterest trends :)
This year, mine will be made from fresh eucalyptus and dried orange slices. Simple yet really impressive, I love this combo!

5-Enjoying delicious hot chocolates

Winter in Quebec is no joke, with intense cold, massive snow storms, but more importantly real magic!
And a white Christmas always pairs well with a good old-fashioned way hot chocolate. A real treat for those who enjoy the slow-life, we heat it slowly, adding our favorite spices to parfume it. Final touch: we pick our favorite mug and we put some mini marshmallows on top of the chocolate. Perfection!

6-Listening to Christmas songs

We have to say that this one is a cliché, but there's nothing better for me than listening to classic Christmas music to get into the spirit.
I love everything about Christmas songs: they're fun, optimistic, the lyrics always take the good side of things, they're great to dance to…I love having them to help me when I work, or just to distract me when I do one of the previously mentioned activities . I feel like I'm in heaven!

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