Les idées cadeaux : Notre casse-tête Jardin d'hiver

Gift ideas : Our Winter Garden puzzle

The most thoughful present to gift...or to keep!

Truth to be told, this post was scheduled a long time ago. And if we'd always dreamed of this puzzle as a huge success, we have to admit that the outcome exceeded our hopes!
Here we are, just a short weeks from Christmas, and we only have a handful of puzzles in stock.
So, once again, thank you for this amazing success.

This puzzle has been on our minds for a very long time. We wanted to offer you a brand new, never-seen-before illustration, with a theme, colours, and patterns that would fit this particular support.
Once we had all of that, we needed to find the perfect partner to materialize all of the above : we are, quite frankly, delighted with the final result!


The illustration, a bright winter garden filled with books, plants, cats and cosy places, represents everything we love when it comes to the cold season.
You are gonna love seing it take shape behind your eyes…
We only have a very limited quantity on the shop right now, so grab one as fast as you can!
It's a limited edition…once they're gone, they're gone.

Let's end this post on a positive note (or, even better, two positive notes)
-This beloved illustration might make a come-back next season, on a different support…
-We might as well have some other puzzles in the making…



16"x20" - 504 pieces - 43$

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