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Montreal in 26 letters 2.0

If you’re reading these lines, you must have already seen this illustration: Montreal in 26 letters represents Lili Graffiti for years. This is one of the first visuals created when I arrived in Montreal. Inspired by the embroidered alphabets of my childhood home, I wanted to capture the essence of Montreal in 26 symbols ... A fun exercise but longer than it seems!

I immediately had positive feedback from my family and friends. The illustration was very popular with Montrealers and tourists. They appreciated the concept, and had fun with my new eye on Montreal. Originally a postcard, the illustration was then declined in art print, greeting card and even cushion cover. To this day, it's still one of Lili Graffiti’s best sellers!


Throughout the collections, my style evolved, I became more interested in architecture, and I discovered a passion for Montreal houses. To me, it became obvious that I had to redesign Montreal in 26 letters, with my eye and my current style, less naïve and with more details.

Installed here for almost 10 years, I perceive the city differently because I know it better. Montreal and its symbols have not changed so much, but my experience and my design have evolved ... So here is Montreal in 26 letters as I see it today! Which one is your favorite ?

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