Septembre, le mois des pommes au Québec

September is (unofficially) Apple month in Quebec

Self-picking places, recipes...and apple patterns are in celebration!


If you've been living in Quebec, there is no way you never heard of/enjoyed this Fall tradition : As soon as the kids are back to school, families rush into the orchards during the weekends to self-pick apples.
This favorite tradition has been the starting point of our apple pattern from the previous collection : I've always been keen on this fruit, but living in Quebec, where the apple harvest is almost as a religion, took it to the next level and gave me the impulse to design this yummy, colourful pattern.
Self-picking is such a sweet family activity: September and early October weekends, the orchards are filled with people eager to pick their own apples with their 10 or even 25 lbs bags. (Kids love to bite in them directly in the orchard!)
Then comes cooking time!
Even though some  just love to enjoy the apple as it is, most of us like to discover classic or original ways to cook them.
To sum it up, the apple is a real symbol of Quebec life, like a sweet passage between summer and fall, that we never fail to celebrate each year, in September.
Apple greeting card
Our favorite orchards around Montreal :

Among our favorite apple recipes, you'll find the Tatin (French-style apple tart),  the apple crisp, muffins, and also this amazing recipe of Cheddar/Apple scones by Trois fois par jour.
We, of course, crash-test them and then write them in our favorite "recettes sucrées" notebook.

"Recettes sucrées" notebook - French only"
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