12 mois dans le quotidien Lili Graffiti

12 months with Lili Graffiti’s everyday life

Subscribers to our monthly newsletter know that in 2018 we have shared an unpublished illustration every month, revealing a little more the daily life of a graphic designer ... but also self-entrepreneur with so many things to do!


We have enjoyed this project over the months, showing the daily life and the highlights of an illustrator's activity according to the seasons and events. 12 months later, we realize through these designs that the weeks follow each other and are not alike. We have to keep up the pace, but it's galvanizing to constantly meet new challenges!


Of course, the graphic design is the basis of a collection of stationery and paper goods, but it is far from being the only activity ... You have to know how to make pretty pictures, to create a catalog, to communicate with the shops, to prepare the orders, to travel to show and exhibit your work, you have to be well surrounded ... and of course you have to cultivate your inspiration to start again. Welcome to the "real life" of an illustrator!

See you soon in our next newsletter to discover our new monthly project for 2019 ... In the meantime the whole team Lili Graffiti wishes you a Happy Christmas with your family and friends! See you next year for more beautiful drawings, colorful stationery and secret projects.

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