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Book "Un été à Montréal"

Book "Un été à Montréal"

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A brand new book to discover Montreal during the summer... for both kids and adults!

Marie-Laure Plano and Ingrid Murret-Labarthe revisit Montreal 3 years after their first book. In this new opus, we take you with us on our summer days in Montreal.

We will make you experience eleven simple and precious moments, light and profound, those that create magical memories with family. "Un été à Montreal is a guide, a logbook, a collection of snapshots: it is all of that at once, and more!



Size 8"x 10" -  Soft covert - 26 pages - Printed in Montréal.

Illustrations: Marie-Laure Plano  - Words: Ingrid Murret-Labarthe

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