2022 chez Liligraffiti

2022 in our life

A look-back of what last year brought to Liligraffiti


We love lists, charts of all kind, so we’d like to start off 2023 by reviewing 2022, a year that was particularly lovely for our brand.


New products

Among our many releases, the Travel collection was without a doubt a favorite. If some of those designs had been part of our catalogue for quite some time,  that was in 2022 that we decided to make a special place for them into our permanent collection, along with new designs!
Thanks to our lovely illustrations from all around the world, you can visit places without leaving home.
A little insider for you: 3 new places will be added to our Travel collection next month!


2022 was also the year when we launched our very first puzzle by Liligraffiti : with an incredible exclusive artwork, designed especially for this support, you purchased a lot of them to gift them for Christmas! This first attempt definitely turned into a brilliant move for us; and even though this particular piece was a limited edition (Lucky you if you have one!), we can already tell you that a sequel is coming…


Our new website

We ended 2022 on a very high note as we launched early December the new Liligraffiti.com!
After several years with the same design, we had the urge to freshen up our beloved website.
Larger pictures, a more user-friendly navigation, simpler menus, a colorful and cleaner home-page: it’s an understatement to say that we are in love with the final result.
What about you?


2022, bits and pieces...

As per usual, two whole collection releases, a Christmas capsule, Instagram live sessions for every important moment, more orders than ever, an always-growing list of retailers, in Quebec but also in Canada and in the USA, an overflowing creativity, an amazing energy, a team spirit beyond everything else, and a constant will to surprise you a bit more each year.

Let's bet that we are able to surprise you in 2023?!

You've already discovered our first 4 greeting cards of the year: save the date for the unveiling of the whole '23 Spring/Summer collection...on February 17th.

Thank you all for your constant support.

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