50 nuances de Liligraffiti : nos couleurs printemps / été 24

50 shades of Liligraffiti : our Spring/Summer'24 colors.

How colors influence our collections.

We have finally reached the much-awaited moment of the release of our Spring/Summer collection! We particularly love this time because it brings a bit of warmth and softness to the Quebec winter, which is not yet over...
So this year, we wanted to decode a few shades that we cherish in our illustrations!



As the flagship color of love, sensitivity, affection, and optimism, it is obvious that pink finds its way into our drawings year after year!
Moreover, pink has a soothing, relaxing power that tends to calm impulsive reactions...!



A color so dear to our hearts, the ultimate symbol of the Nature we love so much, green represents the renewal of spring, hope, and of course, luck!

It conveys a feeling of freshness, harmony, and vitality, and we agree with this interpretation!


This color brings us back to our favorite element: Water. Whether it's the sea, where we love to recharge, or the sky, which we love to observe, blue brings serenity, calmness, confidence, and a sense of freedom.

We also enjoy surrounding ourselves with it during intense work periods because it promotes concentration and clarity of mind.


In this color, all our energy, dynamism, passion, and need for human warmth manifest! Because our gentleness can only be balanced by the vibrancy of a warm color, the orange of fire, sunset, or the creations of nature.

Orange has stimulating virtues and can uplift mood and motivation.



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