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Meet our retailers # 1 - Boucle & Papier

We are often asked where to find our products: stationery shops, gift shops, general stores, museum shops, bookstores... Various retailers with different worlds and selections. Behind the list of our retailers, you will find original stories and beautiful people we love and want to talk about – we’ve been working with some of them since the beginning of Lili Graffiti!

We asked them a few questions to participate in this series of articles, which may make you (re)discover their beautiful shops and their stories.


Who does not know Boucle & Papier? A charming stationery shop located in the Mile End neighboorhood in Montreal, which has quickly become an institution! Fresh and colorful, it offers a selection of stationery items that is renewed over the seasons, and puts forward many local designers... we love it!


Jessyca, the owner, is an inspired and inspiring young mother, always smiling. For four years now, she has been selecting her favorite things such as greeting cards, art prints, notebooks, children's toys and other nice finds. She ordered the first Lili Graffiti cards when she opened her shop. Who remembers the scooting Joe with his pineapples?

A relationship of trust and friendship has blossomed over the years and it’s a renewed pleasure to work with the team of Boucle & Papier. Jessyca knows her clients and the trends of the moment, she has developed an expertise that she’s always ready to share with us! She never runs out of new ideas and is always up for creative projects!


-Your customer’s favorite product?

Lili Graffiti is part of the lines we have from the beginning. Our customers are real fans of Lili! To this day, the best-selling product of the store is the Montreal in 26 letters postcard. 


-Your favorite one?

Lili Graffiti is synonymous with small pleasures, there are often sweet touches, botanical, rose and animals. Our last favorite was the botany art print :)


-If you had to send a card today, it would be...?

The Thank you card with the vase of flowers and lemon would be perfect for my mother, I can never thank enough of all the support she’s always giving us. Actually, we often do not take enough time to simply say thank you to the people around us.


-The little extra that makes Boucle & Papier different?

Our passion for beautiful things and our love for people :)



In summary, a pretty shop with a sweet and flowery universe, with a selection of quality stationery, beautiful values ​​and a welcoming team!

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