À la rencontre de nos détaillants #2 – Bouche Bée

Meet our retailers # 2 – Bouche Bée

Today, we’ll continue our series dedicated to the meeting of our retailers. We asked them a few questions to participate in this series of articles, which may make you (re)discover their beautiful shops and their stories.


Bouche Bée is an independent gift shop, with stationery and many other things. It is proudly and cheerfully located in Hochelaga, on the promenade Ontario since October 2018. The products offered come from the local creation or the import.

Bouche Bée was not built in a day... Marie Letard, the self-taught owner, is a sparkling and inspiring young woman, in love with her neighborhood. She decided to follow the advice of her friends and continue the family tradition by opening a shop in her image. At the Lili Graffiti workshop, we followed all her adventures, through her stories on Instagram, as funny as touching.

Your customers’ favorite product?

At Bouche Bée, our stationery section (cards, notebooks, illustrations ...) is composed entirely of Quebec artists! I placed my first order a few weeks after the opening. Since then, I add new products very regularly. The customers’ favorite design is the one with the different houses of Montreal, in both greeting card and art print.


Lili Graffiti in a few words?

A little bit naive, a recognizable feature, an eye for the beautiful details that surround us everyday.

If you had to send a card today, it would be...?

Easy! I would chose the Happy Father’s Day with the newspapers. I will give it to my dad as he will be in Quebec for the occasion!

The little extra that makes bouche Bée different?

Our collection of candles obviously! And then, the simple fact that I opened a store in Hochelaga… that delighted everyone and me too!

If you haven’t been at Bouche Bée yet, discover this nice shop without fuss, with a personalized welcome and beautiful values. Feel free to follow Marie on Instagram - laughs guaranteed!

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