Bonjour Madame!

Bonjour Madame !

You will probably have noticed while strolling on the online store, our new collection is out! Sparkling and colorful, it was inspired by the simple pleasures of life: drinking a coffee outside, bicycling in Montreal, enjoying a French pastry, decorating one’s house with flowers... A collection full of positive thoughts, which makes you want to write more greeting cards!

As you probably know, the International Women's Day will take place on March 8th. It is time to present you our Bonjour Madame! Collection. It’s an important topic to us: society can no longer exist without giving women a central place and encouraging greater equality. This collection was designed to celebrate feminine diversity and sisterhood. The illustrations represent the woman in her multiplicity: whether she is a businesswoman, a sportswoman or a femme fatale, she is autonomous and talented! They are accompanied by positive messages: Future is female, Together stronger and You rock!

The Bonjour Madame! Collection it composed by a grocery bag, a canvas zipper pouch, a notebook and a greeting card. For each product, 1$ is donated to the Women's Center of Montreal, whose mission is trying to help women help themselves.

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