Bonne fête Maman

Happy Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is on Sunday, the 14th of May : it is a special occasion to take care of your mom, because she is unique! What better than a few words written carefully to please her?

A nice card full of tenderness is ideal to be given with a gift, or simply send a few sweet words.

Did you know? Mother's Day is not a recent invention : it would go back to Ancient Greece! Nowadays, it is celebrated all around the globe on various dates. A thought for the French moms on Sunday May 28th.

At the workshop, we especially like the Happy Mother’s Day card with a soft and modern design, accompanied by a cute thought: "You are my star" ...

If you like pink heart-shaped balloons, you will love the flowery card, in a bohemian and spring spirit.

Both models exist in English.

If you want to accompany your card with a small gift, we suggest you our online shop: simple, useful and glamorous gifts!

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Merci pour ce joli message qui me plait particulièrement en ce jour de fête des mères françaises. J’apprécie la carte avec une maman en marinière, qui plus est tatouée sur le bras, et des bisous partout!

AUGER Valérie

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