Ce que je préfère...édition d'automne

Things I love (Fall edition)

How I love writing this series of blog "Things I love"! It's time to discover our fall edition.
Fall is, here in Quebec, especially inspiring, reassuring, comforting, colorful. We enter this season filled with joy but also a bit of apprehension, as we well know that Winter and cold are just around the corner.
Here are, without particular order, the things I love the most during fall.

1-Take walks in the woods


The fall colors in Quebec have a world-wide reputation: we are so lucky to be able to enjoy them just a few miles from home! I love taking walks in the woods, and enjoy the cosy weather, pick-up some red &yellow leaves, along with mushrooms…

2-Drink a spiced tea by the fire

Of course I love and enjoy the Summer warmth, but I'm also very fond of the coolest temperatures of fall season. It's time for me to enjoy again hot beverages by the fire, my favorite place in the house. My go-to beverage is a chaï latte with cinnamon.

3-Bake a pumpkin pie

Another seasonal pleasure: rediscover fall fruits and vegetables. I love going the Jean Talon Market on Saturday mornings, and the next day, I start cooking when my people are still asleep. Soups, casseroles, and of course, the famous pumpkin pie, delicious, so yummy, and which flavours make my kitchen smells so good.

4-Decorate our home for Halloween

My kids are all grown-up, but it doesn't stop us from getting into the Halloween magic: we love decorating our house with funny and scary findings, which put us instantly into the mood. We also love to take walks in the neighbourhood and admire the decorations of other houses, often scary and inspiring.

5-Put my raincoat and rain boots on

After spending 3 months dressed in light dresses and shorts, I love getting back to my jeans and sweaters! Fall also means rain: One of my little everyday pleasures is to put my raincoat and boots and take a little stroll under the rain. It's both good for my mood and my health, and it makes our home feels even cosier afterwards!

6-Knit a woolen sweater

I love everything crafty and knitting is sure one of my favorite activity. When fall begins, I like to pick a color or two and start knitting a chunky sweater, scarf, or beanie, depending on my mood (or motivation!) - I believe this year will be a sweater year: I'd like to knit with light pink or terracotta colors.

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