Ce que je préfère...(Édition d'été)

Things I love (Summer edition)

We know you loved the first edition of "Things I love", which was the Christmas edition. And since I like pleasing you, I'm really happy to present you the summer edition of this post. 

Summer is a joyful, luminous, inspiring season. We love the urging feeling of enjoying the day till the very last bit, just for the sake of storing enough light, warmth, and moments spent in the sun for the upcoming winter.

Here's my summer edition of "Things I love"!

1-Go and have a swim at my hood's pool

I love going swimming during my lunch break on week days, during the summer. Luckily in Montreal, we have numerous public pools to go to: Mine is the Outremont pool, which is located so close to home. How great it is to dive into the cold water when the heat is overwhelming (it oftem is during summer in Montreal) - I sometimes extend this moment by chilling near the pool with a book for a few hours.

2-Eating ice cream

I am really the typical French person, I love food. And during summertime, getting ice creams is a big part of the season! My absolute favorite is to go and take a walk after dinner to go to the ice-cream shop, when the temperatures get a bit cooler. My favorite flavor is coconut, in a cup of course!

3-Have a picnic.

Classics don't get old! There's something with picnics that makes you feel like you are on holiday: This simple act of preparing some finger food and cutting fruits, and pack it all to go to a park is so relaxing. We are very lucky to have many parks in Montreal: I love going to the Mont-Royal park. 

4-Get my wicker basket out.

As the first rays of sun come out, my mood instantly shifts into summer mode: I start putting bright nail polish on my toes, various bracelets around my wrists, my sunglasses on my nose all the time and, of course, carry my wicker basket around, during all my outings! 

5-Drink cocktails.

Summer also means we spend a little less time at work, and a little more outside, with our family or friends, just to enjoy some outside time. We gather in the backyard, put some yummy things on the grill, and we mix some cocktails! It's the better feeling, just to almost feel like on weekends with a simple drink! My all time favorite is the mojito, filled with mint from my own garden...

6-Arranging flowers 

I'm all about flowers! Summer is the perfect time to place them all around the house, to put some colors and odors all over. Although I love getting bouquets at local flower shops, I also like picking some flowers and arranging my own compositions. My favorite flowers are nasturtiums and peonies.

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