Célébrer le bonheur au quotidien

Celebrating Daily Happiness

In the whirlwind of our hectic lives, we often overlook the small moments of happiness that sprinkle our days. Yet, it's often these seemingly insignificant joys that accumulate to create a fulfilling life. Whether it's the warmth of a morning cup of coffee, a lovely conversation with a loved one, or the beauty of a blooming flower, these precious moments can truly change our day!

As you know, at Liligraffiti, we passionately embrace savoring these sweet moments. Today, to kick off the spring season, we're offering you a list of moments to incorporate into your life to learn to slow down and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us.



Recording our thoughts and emotions on paper every evening is a powerful tool for self-awareness and understanding of ourselves and others! Incorporating journaling into our daily routine allows us to capture the fleeting moments of happiness that might otherwise slip through the cracks. Whether it's jotting down a funny anecdote from the day or reflecting on a moment of gratitude, keeping a journal helps us to preserve these precious memories for years to come.


Write down 5 lines each day summarizing our mindset or mood of the day.

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Gratitude Lists


Practicing gratitude is a transformative habit that can profoundly impact our outlook on life. By focusing on the things we're thankful for, no matter how small, we can change our perspective and appreciate what we have rather than what we lack.


Take a few moments each day to write down three things you're grateful for.

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Mindfulness practices


Mindfulness practices, such as meditation and deep breathing, offer us a pathway to presence and serenity in our daily lives.


Integrate mindfulness into our routine simply by taking a few minutes each day to sit quietly with our thoughts. With the help of a dedicated journal, we can reflect on moments of clarity and insight that arise during our practice. We can also jot down our favorite mantras.

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Lifestyle habits


In addition to journaling, gratitude practices, and mindfulness exercises, incorporating small lifestyle habits into our daily routine can also contribute to our overall sense of well-being.


Set goals and track our results! For example, drink 8 glasses of water per day, walk 8000 steps during the day, eat more vegetables...

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We invite you to join us on Instagram and participate in our "Douces euphories" challenge ("Sweet euphorias"): capture moments of simple pleasures in your daily life, whether it's a coffee, a walk, a museum visit, discovering a new book or recipe... In short, we invite you to slow down with us, one photo at a time. Don't forget to use the #sdouceseuphorieschallenge and tag us! 


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