Coffee is always a good idea!

Coffee is always a good idea!

... with you!

Because I'm a big coffee drinker, today I’ll talk about me and this little daily pleasure I am addicted to. You'll know everything about my inspiration behind this illustration from my latest collection!

I like the taste of coffee since I was very young. It's a memory trigger: I started to drink coffee with my mother, on Saturdays. It was our little moment together: I was allowed to eat a square of chocolate that I tasted slowly, until it was completely melted.

Today, I drink several coffees a day, and it’s a privileged, comforting moment every time, one of my little pleasures that embellish the daily! The one I prefer is when I move to my office in the morning, answering my emails. It motivates me, and I start the day off right.

Besides the taste, I appreciate the color, the smell of coffee, the warmth of the cup: it's quite an experience! I drink my coffee black, I particularly like espressos with mousse, and I love Italian ristretto coffees! It wakes me up! Once in a while, I drink a cappuccino, for the greedy side of the cream that I enjoy before drinking coffee.

Finally, I love the social dimension of coffee, meet a friend in a nice place or go out for a coffee with my boyfriend. I especially like super-cozy cafes, where you slip into the armchair, and let yourself be carried away by the warm and pampering atmosphere... I could stay there for hours! Scandinavian cafes inspire me a lot: I like the style of decoration, the clean colors, the flowers. I observe people, their clothes, their jewels, their tattoos ... Some of these small details nourish the creativity and will come out later in my illustrations!



What about you? Is coffee always a good idea?

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