Des cahiers pour se souvenir.

Notebooks to help you remember

A nice hack to turn an everyday item into something priceless.

Some of my favorite memories are about little things that I used to collect from my walks or the experiences I lived. They were lots of them, filling my pockets, and then some boxes when I was back home.

Growing up, the power of words became another great discovery: I learned how writing about things you were experiencing helped you remember not only the experience itself, but also the feelings and emotions that surrounded it.

When I first started my stationery line and designed my very first Liligraffiti collections, it was so obvious that the notebooks I was to offer needed to reflect those aspects: A blank page, to draw, attach, paint, tape…anything you want.! Sky’s the limit. On the opposite side, you’ll find a lined page, where you can use your best words to describe this day, this special moment that you want to remember and cherish forever.

***Liligraffiti’s team little tips***

*Don’t wait too long before you fill your pages! The quicker you do it, the more accurate, graphic, your transcriptions will be.

*For every exhibit, concert, activity worth remembering you experience, try to pick something that can fill the blank page: a tree leaf, a ticket, a spontaneous picture, etc. It will help you + make you actually looking forward to writing down in your notebook.

*Feel free to make this notebook really yours! Personalize it, like for instance, give it a name! You can label it on the cover, with a Vintage dynamo: “Summer ‘20” / “Our California getaway” / “Baby S’s 1st year” / “British Colombia road trip”, etc. It will instantly give it a precious and special vibe! You will cherish it for many years, and pass it upon your family, like an heirloom…


Our latest designs :

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Summer Notebook


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