Dessine-moi ma maison!

Draw me my house!

Please... draw me my house! This is the new creative, original, crazy Lili Graffiti project: make the portrait of your place of life from a picture, to create a lovely and unique art print.

For the record, my passion for architecture and urban design is not new. I have always loved to walk and take pictures of the streets, sketch houses, draw the doors ... you may know it! When I saw the enthusiastic feedbacks of the public for the Montreal façades during my last collection, the idea started to germinate in my head ... Why not offer this personalized service to everyone?

Montreal has always been an infinite source of inspiration, which is renewed every season. It is a dynamic and stimulating city, I particularly like the motley architecture, the external staircases, the small gardens blooming in spring, the colors of facades and doors... I love the diverse and varied influences: each street, each neighborhood has its own identity. I also love to travel and discover homes on the other side of the world: whether you live in Paris, New York, or Santiago de Chile: I dream of drawing your home!

Façades are very colorful and graphic: they have character, and a particular aesthetic. But there is also a human dimension behind these facades: each house expresses something, has a story, and I love to wonder what is happening on the other side of the wall! The house often has a strong link to the family, it is a place of life, memories, sometimes several generations have lived in. I like to transcribe these emotions through my illustrations.

As a designer, I work from a picture to be inspired by the atmosphere of the street, and visualize the details that characterize this particular house. I am attentive to the architecture, the material, the traces of the time, the vegetation, the sunshine ... All that makes each house is unique!

A portrait of a house is a very nice gift to offer or offer for a special occasion: a housewarming, a wedding anniversary... This can be the subject of a common gift: the family home that saw the children grow, and the grandchildren... I can also portray the family gathered in front of the house. The possibilities are endless and the result will be a unique art print!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or send me your photos at

I can’t wait to portrait your houses!

 More information : visit the conditions for the realization of the portrait of your house


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