Dessine mon endroit favori: notre nouveau service

Draw my happy place: our newest service

Bonus : your best Happy places ideas!

A few weeks ago, we launched a new service with personalized illustrations and your reponse was amazing: Thank you so much!

For those of you who don’t know this brand new service, here’s a quick sum-up:

Draw my happy place, it’s both your dream life and your sweetest memories in an exclusive drawing. Whether you want to see your granny’s perfect vintage kitchen to remember how you used to bake pies with her, or your dream Pinterest-like bathroom that you wish you have one day, everything is possible! Give us a quick description of your happy place, with or without an inspiration pic, and you’ll receive a few weeks later the interpretation of this perfect moment with the Liligraffiti touch.

The catch phrase ”My happy place” was the starting point of our new service. We wanted to offer you a concrete expression of this special place that brings you joy and comfort all in once. Whether this is a sweet memory of yours or a dream you might have for the future, this drawing will be such a valuable gift for you ou a loved one.

Here are some of your happy places that you shared with us during our Instagram launching giveway:

-My kitchen

-My son’s first bedroom

-My sewing nook

-My Montreal living room, lighted with candles, on a snowy day

-A sunrise on a lake in Namibia, with a cup of coffee and next to a rhinoceros drinking water.

-My bathroom and a warm bath waiting for me after a long workday during winter.


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