Destination voyage: New-York & nous

Travel destination: New-York & us

A love story between Big Apple & our team

We share a lot of things at Liligraffiti, and among those things, we share a big love for the Big Apple. Each of us has been there quite a few times and we are longing to go back there again.

Whether it’s for professional motives (Hello, NSS!) or just as a leisure trip, we take every opportunity we get to go to NYC.

We love this mix of urban jungle and green spaces! This city never ceases to amaze and fascinate us.

These are a few of the things that we love in New-York.


  • 1-    The points of view that make us see the whole city. Like the Empire State Building, of course, but we have a soft spot for the Top of the Rock.

    2-    All the cute coffee places and restaurants. Amazing little corners with delicious food and coffee, we love for instance The Maman NYC and without specifics, Mexican restaurants that serve great margaritas and guac directly at the counter!

    3-    The neighborhoods where you go wander, each of them has its own identity, and deserved to be explored. We love a lot Greenwich Village and Williamsburg.

    4-    The museums! NYC is known as one of the most cultural city in the world, and this is well-deserved. The museums are incredible. Our favorites and The Museum of Natural History, and the MoMA. (Both are great with kids!)

    5-    Central Park is an adventure on its own. It’s always a bit surreal to arrive in this gigantic green area in the middle of the city! Perfect place for a picnic, followed by a walk to discover all the (many) points of interest of the park.

    6-    Broadway. It should be mandatory (at the very least) to go and see a musical in Broadway. This is a life-changing experience!

    7-    Take advantage of each stay in New-york to discover a remote or less explored area. Like Coney Island for instance! A day at the beach, with a pier and an amusement park, 40mn of metro away from Manahttan!..And you are STILL in NYC!  

    8-    The buildings, sky scrappers, town houses…all the multi cultural history of the city is to be learned just by walking the streets: a live and never-ending show.

    9-    Going across Brooklyn bridge, at sunset. Arriving in Brooklyn. Contemplate Manhattan skyline lighting up.

    10- And last but not least: we love New-York just because it’s always the same, and also every time a little bit different. A magical place we’ll never get tired of.


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