Dire merci aux profs et éducatrices en couleur(s)

Teachers appreciation : a gift guide

 Give a big shout-out to your kids’educators with a splash of colors!

Here we are : another school year wrapped up! For your kids, it might means a farewell to a day-care, a teacher, a school…in anycase, you’ll have a great opportunity to say thank you and to show your appreciation to those wonderful people who spend their days helping your child grow.

Let’s take a look to our nice, colorful selection of gifts that would make the best present for teachers.

Our THANK YOU cards

Pick out any of our Thank you cards to write some kind words to your child’s educator. Bonus : your kid will have the opportunity to add their personal touch with a drawing or by writing their name!

Our favorites : The Apples card, the Rainbow card, the Flowers “Thanks a bunch”card.



The seeded cards

How symbolic, significant, perfect our seeded cards are for this occasion! Plant them to see wild flowers grow, in your backyard or on your balcony.

Our favorites : The Flowers one and the “Merci” bouquet one.



Notebooks & Notepads

Always so useful in teachers/educators lives : something to write ideas, notes, lists, anywhere, anytime! Our notepads/notebooks selection is a goldmine to find the perfect gift for the perfect person.

Our favorites : The Seashells notebook, the Cats notebook, the Ice-creams notepad, the Botanical notepad.




Just take a look at our « Textile » and « To decorate » sections to find so many ideas to brighten the everyday life of your favorite teachers!

Our favorites : The Poutine dish towel (is pairing nicely with our recipes notebook!), the Montreal totebag, the Breakfast favorites art print.

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