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In the kitchen with Liligraffiti

Discover our brand new organizational duo!

Here at Liligraffiti, we don’t mess with food. We love going to restaurants (we sure miss going to places!), meals with friends, traveling and discovering new food (as you might have noticed with our new “windows of the world” series on our newsletters), and of course, cooking for/with our family.

Dish towels were already part of our permanent collection, and we launched at the end of last year a brand new product, which was the recipe notebook.

This idea was born during the first lock-down, and was meant to gather people around the concept of food and the idea of sharing a meal prepared together, and sharing some familial recipes, that got pass along generation after generation.

Colorful and joyful, it was a hit and we love the warm welcome that it received.

This is why we decided to keep on this thematic with our new collection.

Organization is the key to a well-balanced family life, or so we believe.

And from this belief was born the idea of designing our own meal planner.

Practical as can be, you can display it on your fridge thanks to the magnetic support on the back.

With only a look, each member of the family can find out what’s on the menu, avoiding the usual “what do we eat tonight?” (Yes, it happens in every household!)

The little twist (and honestly the part we love the most), is the grocery list cleverly displayed next to the planner, to write down the missing ingredients for the upcoming meals.

And when comes the time to go grocery shopping, you simply detach the list from the planner, thanks to the pre-cutting part. Pretty smart, right?

Filled with colors and good energy, (our #lilitouch), you’ll find nice kitchen-themed illustrations on it, the same that were decorating the recipe notebook, with new colors.

So, what are you waiting for?

We take this opportunity to launch the Lili Kitchen duo, that contains our recipe notebook + the meal planner – Price: 35,70$, compared to 42$ (15% discount)


Bon appétit!

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