Envoyons des pensées positives!

Let’s send positive thoughts!

At Lili Graffiti, we create greeting cards for all special occasions, but also for everyday life, because it’s so nice to receive a message from a loved one on beautiful stationery ... Today, we asked ourselves the question: where does this tradition of sending greeting cards come from?

The first origins of the greeting card mention cards exchanged in Asia to celebrate the new year. In Europe, it’s in the XIXth century that appears the greeting card in its modern form: a double-card illustrated, stamped (invention of the stamp in 1840 in England) and sent by post to wish merry Christmas and happy new year.

Over the time, the greeting card has been democratized: you can send it all over the year, buy it or do it yourself, it travels easily from one continent to another ! With the new technologies and new means of communication, the card becomes an collection object, there are all sizes and shapes, and it’s sometimes a true work of art!

Over time, the card has remained an intimate object, written by hand, and it always gives the recipient a smile! Because positive thinking is always appreciated, we have developed a collection of positive cards for everyday life. Whether to wish good luck, encourage or congratulate, it’s always a pleasure to receive a nice card! The spring and colorful illustrations of these cards will surely inspire beautiful personalized messages that will make your loved ones smile!


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