Histoire d'un visuel: La piscine

Behind the scenes: Our Pool design

Today we’ll take you on a little tour behind the scenes of Liligraffiti’s creations: we wanted to share with you the story of our “Pool” visual, a very special design for us, that symbolizes and incarnated the whole collection for us.

This collection, as you already know, was born during the lockdown and the pandemic context: it was designed as an artistic response to the negativity, the loneliness, and the uncertainty all around us.

The result was an overload of  bright and luminous colors, representations of people gathered again, a general feeling of joy that we can feel like a common thread throughout the collection, and especially in this design.

As soon as we look at it, we feel like on holidays: large exotic plants, walls painted in joyful, playful colors, the shades of blues, the one from the sky and the one from the pool… It was our way to scream our need for escape and getaways! Doesn’t it feel like Palm Springs to you?

Another great characteristic of this design is the representation of Black people. We had a sort of a wake-up call thanks to the BLM movement, at about the same moment as the lockdown, and it was a eye-opening moment for our art: We felt the need to represent diversity in our designs, to reflect the life diversity of our modern society.

We were already very sensitive to the diversity and the racism problematic before; this particular period helped us realizing how important It was to appear as openly anti-racists and to declare ourselves as proud allies of the Black community.

We are in love with the final result of this design: it is available as a birthday card, as a notebook(the back is our cocktail designs), and as an art print.

Also, a reminder that our art prints are also available as canvas, on order thanks to our partnership with OLEKA, a local company.


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