La Boîte de Lili : les coulisses d’un projet

Lili Box: behind the scenes

After Draw me my house, we launched in early September the Lili Box, a project that took many months to be imagined, developed and created.

The Lili Box contains a selection of 3 surprise greeting cards delivered in your mailbox. Each month, we’ll send you a 3 greetind cards, pefectly timed for upcoming holidays. It's easy, convenient and economical! The Lili Box will ship for free in Canada.

The Lili Box is perfect to send positive thoughts to our loved ones. It is ideal for stationery lovers who do not always have pretty cards on hand, or wish to renew their collection throughout the year. You can also offer it to a friend!

Behind the project, there are lovers of monthly boxes concept: because we like to subscribe to monthly boxes, wait impatiently, and be surprised to discover new products in our mailbox! It wakes up our childish side, curious and impatient ...

There are boxes for everyone, from cosmetics to clothes, from tea to flowers ... so why not a stationery box? A big project that has thrilled us, and the starting point of a long reflection: how to develop a product accessible to all, available on the long term with 3 new cards each month, in a nice and practical packaging with free delivery?

We have enriched our catalog to have the perfect card for every occasion. After having sought the adequacy between our desires and all the possible formulas, we determined the contents of the Lili Box. We brainstormed a lot about its name... then we had to develop the graphic image, make prototypes, and finally photograph it to create a nice subscription page on our website.

And what’s next? You can order the Lili Box on our website. We look forward to your feedback, your photos on Instagram with #lilibox, and we are already thinking about how to integrate even more paper, by offering a product always affordable !

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