La collection Printemps/été 2020 Liligraffiti

Our Spring/Summer 2020 collection

Inspirations, photoshoot, behind-the-scenes.

We are so proud to present you our newest Liligraffiti collection, as it is our 10th!! We cannot believe it’s already been 5 years (we launch 2 collections a year) that our stationery brand is a part of your lives, your homes, and also a part of the sweetest moments of your year, with our sparkly and joyful greeting cards.

The inspirations.

This collection is a vibrant tribute to our beloved planet: we felt an urge to celebrate it, love it, cherish it. We lovingly observed and drew elements of the wildlife. We imagined and wrote simple yet powerful catch phrases, like manifestos. We took part, we stood.
We, as always, chose the positivity: Nature and its beauty, rawest human feelings and emotions, little things from the everyday life that make even a gray morning more beautiful.
We represented those simple pleasures as seasons ’favorites: A sweet reminder that life happens in the most common things.
The colors are soft and cozy: a true love letter to planet Earth inspired by young souls around the globe that fight for a brighter future.

The photo shoot.

In order to convey this optimistic spirit and the ode to our green nature, we had to be inventive to find the perfect place in a wintery Montreal! We found our happy place in our beloved Plateau Mont-Royal, at the top of a typical building of the neighbourhood.   
The studio « La Jungle » warmly welcomed us on a cold and snowy Thursday morning for an atypical photo shoot, full of light and with tropical vibes.
Once again, we put our full trust on Sylviane Robini, our designated talented photographer, to make our collection come alive.

We were lucky to have amazing models to proudly present our new Liligraffiti products: Capucine, my daughter (!) who posed with our tee-shirt, and Juliane, the lovely little girl who presented with a lot of enthousiasm our new temporary tattoos. I even posed for a pic or two, alongside Ingrid, and we convinced Sylviane to switch sides of the camera and posed with her gorgeous baby bump.


A photo shoot is a lot of work, it’s a stressful step but most of all, it represents the final line of a collection and so it’s always a very special moment, full of happiness.
This photoshoot was very much like that, it was a lovely morning filled with laughs, brand new ideas and last minute decisions, and on top of everything, an immense satisfaction of achievement. We celebrated it as a team around a dumpling lunch (Yummy) and we wanted to share this beautiful day with you!

To discover the collection,  click here !


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