La petite histoire de nos cartes ensemencées

The story of our seeded cards

Some pretty plantable seeded cards (in limited edition) have recently appeared on the online store: a nice project we are very proud of that we just launched!

We wanted to offer plantable cards for a long time, but the process of creating a new product is always longer than we think. We carefully selected the type of paper and seeds. Did you know that there is seeded paper with all types of seeds? Lettuce, tomatoes and even herbs!

We finally chose the abundant and colorful wildflower seeds, and we tested and approved the process of seeds germination and seeing the flowers grow nicely. Then, we had to draw and choose the floral creations to print, find the right size for these new cards, and have them printed.

Then, you become part of the story! A card with beautiful words that will give birth to beautiful wildflowers… Even better than a bouquet. The instructions are very simple: some soil, sun, a few drops of water and a lot of love: that's all it takes for your flowers to grow!

We hope that you will like these French-limited edition cards, we are currently thinking about incorporating them into our regular collection - with an English version. You will find them on the online store and at some of our retailers’ shops.

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