La vie Ă  l'atelier Liligraffiti

Our favorites thing at Liligraffiti workshop

A glimpse of our essentials for a productive and inspiring day.

Life at Liligraffiti's workshop has become somewhat kind of familiar for you by now! You know how we love to be efficient (the ultimate joy to cross a task off a to-do list! You know the feeling) but always in a good and fun spirit. For this brand new year, we wanted to offer you an illustration with all of our favorite daily things!
Let's also take this occasion to wish you an amazing year 2021. We wish you a year filled with dates with friends, reunions with family members, concerts, and travels…

Without further ado, here are our current favorites at the workshop.

-Music.That's a non negotiable part of the day within the team. Music is our ultimate booster for a productive day. Of course, we don't always share the same tastes, but there are musicians and bands that make everyone agree!
Currently: Marie is the only one at the workshop (lockdown situation ongoing) and she loves listenning to the new piece from Julien Doré, a French singer, and especially the song "Nous"

-Essential oils. Since Marie placed a diffuser in the office, choosing her daily synergy has been part of her morning ritual. She likes to pick the oils that reflect either the mood she is in, or the one she wants to be in. She is very fond of the Do terra oils, that she gets through her amazing distributor Pauline.
Currently: Marie loves the ecalyptus + Lavender synergy, both fresh and stimulating

-Plants. Liligraffiti's workshop is nothing but the concrete transcription of Marie's inspirations, and therefore resemble a lot like some of her illustrations. With that logic, you won't be surprised to know that the office is filled with plants!
Currently (and basically all the time): Marie's favorites are her Monstera and her cactus.

-Tokyo the cat. The newest (and cutest, let's admit it) addition to the Liligraffiti's team! This kitten has quickly become Marie's new muse, and it is by listening to her soft purring that the Lili's new co is coming to life. Could Tokyo make an appearance in the new products? #shush #wewontsayaword

-One (or tow or three) coffee. There is no way on Earth that our day starts without a coffee or two. Our favorite one is the one that we take in front of our screen, while planning the day. Bonus point if the sun is shinning through the window, providing us light and warmth. All our favorite ingredients to boost our motivation!

What are your morning favorites to start a work day?


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