La vie de café, vue par Liligraffiti.

Café way of life, by Liligraffiti.

Discover Montreal, one coffee house at the time.

Oh, how we love our Montreal life! Among all the things that make Montreal so dreamy, the many cute coffee shops existing are definitely on the top of the list for our team.

We love going to those places, for every occasion, at every season : Alone, to have a good read, to chill or just enjoying a moment outside of our everyday obligations.
With a friend, to chat and have a cup of latte and eat a delicious pastry.
As a team force, for intensive and productive work session.

With our partner or the entire family, to take some time to bond outside the house.

For all of these reasons, and many more, this blog post is a love letter to all our favorite coffee places in Montreal, that make this city so unique and so alive.

Photo credit : @cafédeshabitudes

Here is our Montreal coffee shops top 10 (It was really hard to pick!)

  • Le Darling : if you love plants and cosy places, this might just be the place for you! For a coffee during the day or a drink at night...
  • Le Lapin Pressé : Little place on Laurier Avenue, their Oat milks lattes are just the best. It has the cutest hidden room in the back with a handful of tables, for a lucky few early birds.
  • Le café des habitudes : You are just like at home. Cosy chairs where you can sit bare foot, a yummy vegan menu, this place makes you feel really good, whether you come to work or to have a moment with your family (or yourself!)
  • Le café Pista : We have a huge crush on the Beaubien location, with its "No laptop zones" tables for lunches where you do actually talk to each other!
  • Tommy : One of the Old-Port of Montreal institutions, a cosy vibe and some comforting meals for kids and grown-ups.
  • September Surf Café : THE spot located in Verdun, with a hint of California mood. The meal of choice is of course the avocado toast and their secret weapon is the hidden terrace at the back.
  • Café Olimpico : The most iconic coffee place of the city. Very authentic and friendly, it's often understandably overcrowded.
  • Pastel Rita : A special mention for the pink decor, that provides the best Insta pics!
  • Le moineau masqué : A hidden gem of the Plateau, that you will love during hot summer days: its yard in the shades is the perfect spot to relax!
  • Café Larue & Fils : We love the Castelneau location, especially when the tables and the terrace is out, during spring and summer time!

Photo credit : Ingrid ML

Bonus : La Croissanterie Figaro, which is like a bit of Paris within Montreal, without the plane travel which is definitely a plus, located in our favorite hood of Outremont. Feels like a French bistro! This is the café we chose to illustrate our post and this is an exclusive new art work! Maybe a sneak peek of what's coming next?...

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