L'année 2019 chez Lili Graffiti...

2019, a very Liligraffiti year

A year filled with events and successes.


Changes of year (and decade!) are the perfect occasions to make a review of the 12 last months. So, let’s go down memory lane to remember what 2019 brought to my not-so-small-anymore company…

January : Launch of our second personalized illustration service: After “Draw me my house”, “Draw me” offers you the opportunity to own family portraits, filled with love, for magical souvenirs for yourself or for loved ones. If you are a fan of our personalized offers, stay tuned and see what 2020 has in store…

February : A trip to NYC with Ingrid to exhibit at NSS in Manhattan in the lovely Javits Center. A whole week, full of emotions and sweet encounters, in one of my favorite cities. That month, we also shot our collection in Montreal, at the Jardin Botanique. This place was THE obvious choice to transcript the sunny/natural feeling of the Spring/Summer collection.

May : Our second trip to NYC! That time, I took Lucile with me to Brooklyn, to exhibit at the first edition of the Noted salon. Another great success for Liligraffiti, we simply loved present our brand new collection in a sunny springtime in New-York. This year, the salon takes place in San Francisco and I just can’t wait to go there!!

June : A brand new Liligraffiti product was launched! Seeded cards, that can be planted and grow into lovely wild flowers. It was kind of a bet but the response was amazing and we soon became our of stock!! Lots of press articles were released to talk about our cards and we were so happy to see you happily purchase them for special occasions!

July : It was about time to start planning our next collection, which was under the mixed influence of the jungle theme and the urban vibe. Lovely wild baby animals were added to the Liligraffiti universe, and those Montreal facades that I love so much got brand new colours.

August : After a well-deserved summer break, the Liligraffiti team officially went back to work! Photo shoot, press releases, new products  announcements : it was quite a launch for this Fall/Winter collection. Your favorite: Lili’s Montreal calendar. It had been a long-time request and we decided to take the leap for this season, and we are so glad we did!! Over 300 sales and the joy to know that so many homes will have a very Lili year 2020 was the highlight of the end of this year. A nice way to stimulate us and to make us wish for a successful future!

October: Wind of change at our little workshop! Lucile moved back to France to fulfil new adventures, and Ingrid came to fill the position of head of communication & marketing. Farewells are sad for sure, but also a nice occasion to celebrate time spent together and wishing each other successes for futures endeavours. It was a happy month, filled with laughs and fun outings.

November & December : The very last end of the year is also the busiest one!! Between Christmas orders from our retailers, workshop sales, our online store and salons & markets we exhibited, we can say that, although this is incredibly exhausting, we feel more grateful than ever. We were, this year, happy to meet a lot of you at the Windsor Etsy market and also at the SMAQ where we were second-time exhibitors.

THANK YOU ALL for your incredible support and the love you show us year after year!

Your trust makes us feeling amazing, and gives us boldness!! We are filled with inspiration, and we can’t wait to create many collections to surprise, amaze, please you, always with the Lili’s touch that you’ve been loving for now 4 years. Thank you so much to always make room in your homes for our designs. May 2020 be filled with love, laughs, cocktails, coffees, sun and on top of everything LOVE!


We wish you a wonderful year 2020


The Liligraffiti team

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