L'anti-racisme en tant qu'artiste (blanche)

Being anti-racist as a (white) artist

I understand that I can't understand, but I stand.

As you know, those past few days were the starting point of a great worldwide movement on the social media, and on a more global way, in our society.

Following George Floyd’s death, many voices started to elevate against the police abuses against Black people.

It happened in the USA but the problem is systemic. We should feel concerned because the issue is larger than this. Racism is a complex topic, as we all have a role to play in its eradication.

Today is not about not being racist but about being ANTI-RACIST.

To do so, we have to:

*Being a visible, vocal support and ally about the cause

*Listen to POC (as in Person Of Color) and what they have to say. Let them speak and be heard.

*Educate ourselves, learn. We shouldn’t leave the burden of the education about racism to Black people. We have the duty to do this on our own.

Here’s how I decided to use my voice and my virtual forum those past days:

*On Monday, I posted an illustration I created to express how I felt, as a person and an artist, about the situation and how I wish the society will turn. More equal, more mixed, more diverse, more inclusive.


*On Tuesday, I took part of the #blackouttuesday movement, which purpose was to leave more room to Black voices on social media.

I wish that this day will help change mentalities, make us question our own choices and decisions, and above all this, give minorities a bigger and safer place.

On a personal level, I commit to learn, read, and educate myself on this specific topic.

I understand that I can’t understand but I stand. Forever, and unconditionally.

This post only goal is to show my support to the Black community, without muting them. As an artist myself, I feel my responsibility is to take position but also to make other artists in the light, and maybe, they could use this extra light to shine even more!

I am really happy to end this post by presenting you 5 amazing Black feminine artists that are so talented and that I admire a lot.

1- Lo Harris (Instagram: @loharris_art)

2-Camille A. (Instagram: @cma.ai)

3-Sarah Dahir (Instagram: @nawaal.illustrations)

4-Octavia Thorn (Instagram: @prettyininkpress)

5-Niti Marcelle Mueth (Instagram: @nitimueth)


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