Le snail mail

Snail mail

Or the lost art of sending mail (the old-fashioned way)

In the digital age, where everything is instant and electronic, the art of "snail mail" or traditional postal mail seems like a quaint relic of a bygone era. Yet, despite the predominance of emails, instant messages, and voice notes, the sending of handwritten greeting cards is experiencing a resurgence in popularity, particularly valued for its personal and intimate nature. More than just a revived tradition, it is a statement, a gentle act of resistance against the ease of the modern world!

Choosing a card carefully, taking the time to write a message by hand, selecting a stamp, and posting the letter all contribute to creating a much richer and more meaningful experience for both the sender and the recipient.

This is the message we strive to promote every day at Liligraffiti; to strengthen connections between people in a different way, to rediscover the joy of writing a card to friends during holidays, to send birthday wishes to those who are far away (or not!) instead of just a simple text...

For us, it's about cultivating an art that encourages people to slow down and appreciate the beauty of simple things. Therefore, we encourage our community to join this movement of "slow communication."

So, are you ready to commit to sending a card to a loved one in May? We are! Share your experience on social media with #ACardInMay (or our French version #unecarteenmai

Here are our card ideas to send this month:

  • To introduce Montreal by proxy: Our Le Petit Laurier card
  • To celebrate a mom (Mother's Day is May 12th in Canada and May 26th in France!): Our Happy Mother's Day Wild Flowers card
  • To celebrate a couple we love/admire: Our Exotic Birds card
  • To thank someone: Our Thank You – Flowers card 

  • For a birthday: Our Happy Birthday Llama card 

  • Just because: Our Good Vibes Only card

To say we can't wait to see each other during the holidays: Our Summer Favorites card 
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