Les cartes postales de Lili: Un tour du monde en 12 mois.

Lili's postcards: A trip around the world in 12 months.

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Every year, the theme is different: 2019 was all about the current inspirations, while 2020 is taking us through Marie-Laure's favorite travel destinations. Each month, we're taking you to a chosen city/country and tell you why this place means so much to Marie-Laure.

As we are kicking off summer season and vacation time for most of us, we wanted to unveil, for those of you who are NOT YET subscribers, the 7 first travel destinations of the year!

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Are you convinced yet?

Janvier -  Costa Rica


Février - Paris


Mars - London


Avril - Rio de Janeiro

Mai - San Francisco

Juin - Vancouver

Juillet - Roma

Have a great summer!

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