Les idées cadeaux #2: Notre calendrier Montréal

Gift guide #1 : The Montreal calendar – 2022 edition

Our most popular item is showing its new colors!

With Christmas just around the corner, we wanted to start a series of blogs to give you gift ideas to spoil your loved ones (or vene to spoil yourself, you know…) – We know how nice it is to have a little help to find the perfect, cool, local gift, so we are pretty sure you will love the series of posts. Psst: don’t forget to forward them to friends and family, for a subtle hint ;) 

The first post is about our Montreal calendar - 2022 edition!

It’s been a few years now since the launch of our Montreal calendar is quite the event!

We explored the city throughout its neighborhoods and typical houses twice now, so we felt the need to change a bit our angle.

I am THRILLED to introduce you to the our “Walk in Montreal” calendar, a nice stroll around town, where you’ll pass by my favorite places, season after season. Shall we go?

Without showing you too much (I know some of you are happy to be surprised each month), I can only promise you an exploration of the city, filled with colors, thanks to 12 never-seen-before designs of symbolic or typical places of Montreal: The Belvedere, the Old Port, or even the public pools where I love to hang during summer. Once again, this is a love letter from me to Montreal.

On a personal note, this was an amazing drawing journey, to explore these places of the city. I’ve loved every design, imagining colors and details, while staying true to the original.

I really hope that you’ll love this new item  as much as I do; and that many of you will receive it on Christmas morning :)


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