Les idées cadeaux #4 : Notre livre "Je découvre Montréal"

Gift guide #4: our kids'book "Je découvre Montréal"

A kids' book made in Montreal, by Montrealers!

With Christmas just around the corner, we wanted to start a series of blogs to give you gift ideas to spoil your loved ones (or vene to spoil yourself, you know…) – We know how nice it is to have a little help to find the perfect, cool, local gift, so we are pretty sure you will love the series of posts. Psst: don’t forget to forward them to friends and family, for a subtle hint ;)

The fourth post is about our children's book "Je découvre Montréal"

This huge and oh so beautiful project is the result of a year of work, and another collaboration with Ingrid, the owner of the of the on-line shop "Le monde est tout-petit" and myself.
We wanted to create a book for children for such a long time, that would mix my illustrations and her words.
This idea was first born during the first lockdown in 2020: the Montreal topic came naturally to us, and after some brainstorms, we created the first pages of what would become our book about Montreal.
After a year and a half, lots of work, many changes and questions, hard decisions, you can now discover the result of our work: "Je découvre Montréal", a fun and poetic walk around town, that kids will, hopefully, love (and so will their parents!)


Le pitch

"Je découvre Montréal" takes you on a walk around the city of Montreal. You'll discover its streets, sometimes filled with snow, sometimes with leaves, in this book that little ones and not-so-little ones will adore.
Through its pages, kids will discover Montreal neighbourhoods, its colors, its famous places, its parks…and its seasons.
"Je découvre Montréal" was designed like a love letter from the two creators of the book to the city that they live in and that they love.


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