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Inspirations & new products of this season's collection

A few words abour our Spring/Summer '22 collection!

In this Spring/Summer collection, we chose to explore, even more than usual, all the little things that we love every day.
Our goal for this collection was to put a big smile on your face !
Yearly essentials, or seasonal pleasures, there’s an illustration waiting for you.

As a matter of fact, our followers and fans have played an important part in this collection : Some themes of this season’s products were directly inspired by your suggestions, via a survey on Instagram.

Our themed-boards, a vintage-inspired design, now exist on our collection with different topics, such as sea shells ice-creams, plants, thanks to you !

This collaboration collection is like a whole new page of the history of Liligraffiti, a way for us to thank you for your never-ending support.

Montreal lovers ! We are pleased to release two new designs of our beloved city, the Belvedere, and the Old-Montreal.

These designs were both part of our childrens’ book “Je découvre Montréal” which was a huge success a few months ago.

Speaking of new products, our popular recipe notebook will be discontinued and replaced by two notebooks :

One for your sweet recipes, and one for the salty ones.

You can buy each one individually, or as a set.

With more pages than the previous version, you’ll be able to write down every yummy recipe you love.
And finally, our coloring book is like the epitome of the collaborative spirit that drove us through our creative process : you can now make our illustrations yours. Pick your colored pencils, and just have fun !




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