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Everyday happiness

When you’ll be reading this article, we’ll be shooting the new collection, in one of our favorite places in Montreal ... We can’t wait to show you the beautiful pictures and to present you this new spring collection, in the next weeks.

To make the wait more pleasant, we can’t resist to share with you a preview, an illustration, Marie’s favorite since it was drawn, which makes everyone smile. Maybe it will make you smile too!

At the studio, we displayed on the wall the large art print, and we love to work under the watchful eye of our two companions. We imagine their life, two best friends at breakfast, with all you need to start your day: coffee, pastries and fresh fruit.

Some olive branches, a pastel colored palette, a nod to the trendy abstract forms... it is the perfect art print for children's room and even for adults!


Find artprint: here

PS: And happy Valentine's Day to you all!

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