L'instant déco: exposer ses cartes de souhaits avec style

At home: Stylishly Displaying Your Greeting Cards

Cover photo credit : GLLU

If you're following us, it's very likely that you love greeting cards as much as we do!

We buy them, we give them, we send them, and often, we also keep them for ourselves because they are our favorites. The question is: how to preserve your cards, and showcase them aesthetically in your home? We have scoured our best Internet friend Pinterest to find the most beautiful solutions for displaying your card collection for you.

The grid panels

A fairly classic but nonetheless effective solution: you can adapt the color of the grid to your interior.

 PIC 1 / PIC 2

The wall displays

Little gems that you can try to find secondhand or on specialized websites, which will give your living room a trendy boutique vibe!

Pic 1 / Pic 2

The magnets

We love the versatile and modular aspect of this trick! You can either make your own version or buy a magnetic board/paper.

Pic 1 / Pic 2

The DIYs

A little bit of inspiration, a shopping trip to a hardware store and/or a craft store, and you'll have the most beautiful display for your cards!

 Pic 1 / Pic 2


Our personal favorite: the French brand of shelves GLLU : stunning handmade creations, specially designed to display cards and other paper items! We love it. (Plus, they deliver to Canada!)"


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