Mes essentiels de l’automne

My automn essentials

Summer has faded and automn is well established ... More than every season, it's mostly the transitions I like. Seasonal changes punctuate life and give new impulses, desires and projects. Above all, I love rediscovering my city and my wardrobe ... Every season has its own advantages!

I particularly like the autumn in Montreal, the vibrant colors, the brightness, the weather, and the slow pace. Here is my small non-exhaustive list of my automn little pleasures.

Obviously hot drinks and especially my lemon tea and ginger from Mariage Frères, quenching and invigorating. I can drink gallons  when I start to get sick.

Taking time for me, I like discovering new series but also read novels. Next on my list: La vraie vie from A. Dieudonné, whose summary intrigued me.

Walking in Montreal and getting lost in the streets ... always with a small notebook in the bag to sketch on the spot.

I like to shop for my home, I create a little cocoon to feel good during the winter. My new favorite: the Bouche Bée shop that has just opened in Hochelaga!

And finally ... I must admit that I got back to knitting, a big sweater is about to be finished! Knitting is relaxing and it’s satisfying to wear a hand made garment.

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