Mes essentiels de l’automne

My autumn essentials

Bye bye terraces, oh hello hot chocolates! I like the beginning of the fall season because of the colors of course, the cozy atmosphere, the warm light ... and because I can spend more time at home, drinking chaï latté while reading a good novel, or taking a walk on Mount Royal.

At the studio, it’s also a transitional season: the fall-winter collection is launched, we start getting ready for the markets and the holiday season.

Here is a preview of my autumn essentials…

Going to sleep in a tree house in the beautiful region of Lanaudière to observe the colors in the countryside and enjoy the silence in the forest. Enjoying the mild temperatures whenever possible.

The ultimate kit: umbrella, rain boots and comfy sweater. I love fancy decorated umbrellas that bring happiness in my day! Besides, I'm waiting for the next rainy day with impatience to inaugurate my new umbrella with lipsticks found in Toulouse during my last vacation.

Rearranging my interior, finding a second life for objects I no longer use and install a rattan hanging chair to lounging for hours. I love decorating the porch of my house with some pretty pumpkins in an orange shades.

Taking the time to make small projects, manual activities, cook homemade pies, and send warm thoughts to my friends who live on the other side of the world.

Staying home, drinking hot coffee and reading. I like to use a diffuser with essential oils to purify the air and enjoy the properties of essential oils. And then, once in a while, I take a nice hot bath!

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