Mes essentiels de l’été

My summer essentials

In summer, Montreal life is sweet and the daily rhythm is lulled by feel-good rituals: taking a coffee outside, reading in a park when I have a few hours, testing new ice creams in my neighbourhood ...

The beginning of summer is always synonymous with excitement in the workshop: we have to complete the creation of the new collection before being able to take a few weeks of vacation. My essential in the summer is to take the time to do and to offer myself things I love!

My summer essentials:

Reading when I have free time. Depending on mood, I like to read novels or magazines. I love Flow and their philosophy "Enjoy the happiness of imperfect things", and I can’t wait to get into the latest issue!

My Montreal tote bag, just back in stock. Light and stylish, perfect for carrying essentials for a mornable afternoon: a book, sunscreen and some greeting cards to write.

My new home-made face serum, based on the recipe from the book « À fleur de Pots », which proposes to create cosmetics for skin and hair from just 12 basic natural ingredients. I chose to add a few drops of essential oil of ginger, it gives a fresh breath every morning to my skin!

My new Maguire sandals, colorful and fantasy just like Lili Graffiti! I love this Montreal brand for the sleek style but also for its ethics. With a pedicure and pretty sandals, you feel immediately a little more on vacation.

My homemade rhubarb syrup made with rhubarb from the garden. Sweet and tart, I can drink liters, it's good and thirst-quenching, I love it!

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