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My winter essentials

In January, winter is well established in Montreal: the mercury goes down, the storms follow one another, the urban landscape is infinitely white ... Well wrapped up in the studio, I dream and I am inspired by summer images because it’s time to imagine and create the new collection! I’m drawing the greeting cards for the spring-summer collection.

 My winter essentials go hand in hand with good resolutions ...

Recently, I decided to create home made cosmetics: I wanted to know the composition of the products I put on my skin. I made a day cream, a face scrub, a micellar water, and a lip balm. Next project: a body scrub and a night cream!

I started yoga to better disconnect and help me stay in my bubble to create the new collection. Verdict: I love it and I recommend it! Very relaxing, it feels good for my body and my mind.

In the middle of winter, I like to take the time to pamper myself with an afternoon at the spa, with my husband or a friend! A pleasant and relaxing interlude, always rejuvenating.

I regularly change the decor in the studio and at home, so when I draw new art prints, I can’t wait, it's put on my walls! It's motivating and it brings a wind of novelty.

Finally, I enjoy the snow: I like to take my rackets for a walk. A breath of fresh air, necessary to discover the beautiful snowy Quebec landscapes, or even the inexhaustible Mont Royal trails!


And you, what are your winter essentials?


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