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For all animal lovers

Some of our most loved and popular animal visuals

Animals have always been a large part of our visuals. My childhood was filled with cats and dogs, as well as many other animals that I encountered when I visited my grand-parents, which are probably some of my most happy memories. This explains why animals are still to this day one of my main source of inspiration, as I love going back to sweet memories whenever I draw.

Here are some of our animal visuals that you’ll love! (All of these illustrations are available in English!)

-For birthdays

-For births:

-Love + Friendship :



-Tattoos for kids (Currently in sale!)


-Art print (Currently in sale!)


We will add some new animal visuals very soon! Our new collection will be released in a few days and Tokyo the cat, the littlest and newest addition to my family, will be one of the stars of it! Without giving too much information, here is a glimpse into Tokyo’s life! You will discover the entire collection during our Instagram Live on Wednesday, 17th of February!

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