Nos sélections de cadeaux thématiques

Nos sélections de cadeaux thématiques

A very Lili Graffiti Christmas for all your family!

At Lili Graffiti’s workshop, we just love receiving your orders as well as meeting you during our events. The funny thing is that YOU inspire us! The items you pick go so well together that it gives us ideas for creating sets that you will love.

This year, we had fun creating Christmas selections for family members (barely fictional, you will find them quite familiar!). Different themes, different budgets, different people! These sets will give you a 10% discount on the items that compose them.

Here they are!


Sylvette, the granny

Sylvette is a sweet little grandma, sometimes nostalgic, and very much in love with nature and flowers. Going to her place for Christmas is a well-loved tradition. We enjoy making cookies, family meals and listening to her amazing stories from the past.

Our choice for Sylvette: A Villeray art print, for a Montreal nice, a card that celebrates Christmas time and bakery, and a seeded card to wait patiently for spring to come.


Set price: 26$

For mom, Julie


Julie is a brand new mom, with her heart and head filled with nothing but love for a newborn. She is exhausted, she drinks her coffee cold but she’s over the moon happy with her new life. She wants nothing but takes the most of this special year without forgetting a single piece of it.

Our choice for Julie: A tote bag, to bring all her baby’s essentials, and being able to pull them out any time. The irreplaceable Month after month set, to keep souvenirs of important milestones of her baby’s first year, and a lovely card “Welcome to the neighbourhood” to tell her how happy we are for her.

Set price: 36$

For Dad, Jean-Felix

Jean-Félix is a modern dad, who loves spending time with his family, and especially cooking for them! He also loves to jog with his dog, in the wild during the weekends at the cabin or in his favorite Montreal hoods.

Our choice for J-F: A Poutine tea towel, for a bit of inspiration at dinner time, a Montreal facades art print to celebrate his love for city architecture, and a Merry Christmas doggy card because who can say merry Christmas better than his four-legged best pal?

Set price = 40$

For auntie Bea

Bea is always at full speed! She’s energetic both at work and at home, handling her family and her work days with the same firm yet caring hand. She loves nothing much than having a drink or taking a yoga class with her girlfriends after work. She incarnates the balancing act.

Our choice for auntie Bea: Our annual calendar to help her checking her schedule while having her first coffee of the day. A notepad for her purse, in order to write down all the (genius) ideas that pop any time of day. And a cosy art print as a reminder of how good it is to slow down and just relax at home…

Set price = 50$


For cousin Andreanne


Andreanne has just left the house to go study at university. She’s at this crossroads between the end of the childhood and the beginning of adulthood, and she loves her brand new freedom. She is as studious as can be but love her free time exploring her new city.

Our choice for cousin Andreanne : Our popular « Montreal en 26 lettres » art print to decor her new room, a bicycle canvas pouch to store her pencils or her makeup, two rolls of washi tape, one botany and one dream city, and of course a notebook to write down all of her thoughts about this special year…

Set price = 61$



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