Notre bucket-list de l'été

Notre bucket-list de l'été

Nice habits to look forward to + a great to-do list we can't wait to tackle!


In just 2 short days, it will officially be summer and our whole team is really excited about it.

It’s no secret that we are summer girls and that we live for warm days.  So here’s a summer bucket list filled with our favorite things to do during this season, as well as some of the things we hope to accomplish this year.

You can download the file HERE. If you prefer to create your own list from scratch, HERE’s the blank version.

  •  Go and discover the parks in your city
  •  Have a benchmark study of ice coffees from all the independent cafés you go to ( Our favorites are  Noble café and Cardynal, for amazing oat milk ice lattes)
  • Go up to Mont-Royal early in the morning, to enjoy the view
  • Go and try the Velo-rails in  Beaulac-Garthby
  • Explore beautiful Laurentides region
  • Organiser Make your Own Pizza nights (with  the perfect kits from Pizzeria 900!)
  • Set up a reading challenge (3 novels – 1 bio – 1 essay – 1 graphic novel): We'll share our own choices on Instagram stories in a few days!
  • Take a swim at a local pool during lunch break (The one in Outremont is really cool!)
  • Take long walks while listenning to podcasts (Our favorite in French : Café froid and Infuse Magazine)
  • Enjoy an evening walk to go and get an evening ic-cream (Our favorites in Montreal:  Kem Coba / L'armoire à Glace / Les Givrés)
  • Have a cocktail/mocktail party with friends (we so want to try this raspberry/lemon/ginger mocktail !)
  • Take the time to (re)discover your region with an old-school road trip, just a map, no GPS.
  • Hike in Mont-Tremblant
  • Have a cabin week-end by the lake
  • Pack a blanket and some pop-corn to go anjoy an outdoor movie session (We love the one in  Saint-Eustache !)
  • Take things slow and write a holiday journal ( our notebooks are perfect for that! )
  • Go to the farmer's market on Sunday mornings and pick some flowers (we are very fond of Jean-Talon market ), with our tote-bag  of course!
  • Relax at  Village au Pied-du-Courant

The Liligraffiti Team wish you a wonderful summer, filled with sun, laughters, drinks and meals shared with friends and quality time spent with family.

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