Notre coffret de l'Avent: comment le personnaliser?

How to personalize your Advent calendar

So many great ideas to make your calendar special and one-of-a-kind!

As you know it, our Advent calendar has been one of our favorite tradition throughout the years. This season, our calendar contains notebooks, art prints, greeting cards, accessories that you’ll loved, all from our last two collections, including our Christmas capsule.

We take special care in preparing the packages for your calendars; our main goal is to make them both sweet and simple: brown packages and Christmas-red envelopes, for the traditional touch.

Once you got your calendar, you are free to make it truly yours and to put together a presentation original and beautiful.


Here are a few ideas that we found on the Gram and on Pinterest, and that we thought were perfect for our calendar:

The display

For our photoshoot, we chose to display our packages on a nice wooden ladder. That was absolutely gorgeous!



We are very fond of this nice display by Emilie from the account @Brookandpeony : hanging the brown bags to a simple branch, and print big numbers to place on the bags!

 Credit: @Brookandpeony


This display requires a bit more of material, but nothing crazy: You’ll need a light wooden board and some wooden clothespins.

For our calendar in particular, you can place the heavier packages at the bottom, instead of hanging them. And leave them for the very last days :)

Credit: Pinterest

A wooden frame, and some cord…for a wow effect, that will be a nice addition to a minimalist decor.

Credit: Pinterest


Add a personal touch to the packages

Simple additions to brown bags can make them even more attractive and nice: some simple branches and green stuff would make the bags look Christmassy and give them a natural look!

We also love this version with neutral Christmas ornaments thatwill put your home in a holiday mood from December 1st!

Crédit: Pinterest

We, of course, encourage you to use our washitapes to put some colors and patterns to your packages!


Our  advent calendar costs 99$ for a real value of 175$ - It includes:

  • 2 gift tags ensembles
  • 2 washitapes
  • 5 greeting cards
  • 2 postcards
  • 3 art prints
  • 2 mini cards
  • 2 seeded cards
  • 2 wrapping sheets
  • 2 notebooks
  • 1 notepad
  • 1 stickers sheet

Still available on our shop, but only for a few hours! Don’t wait up!


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