Notre top 5 des cartes estivales

Our top 5 summer cards

Tomorrow officially marks the beginning of the summer, at the workshop we sip our iced teas and put our sunglasses on at the slightest ray of sunshine! Whether you’re going on vacation or not, long and sunny summer days are the perfect opportunity to send a lovely card to our beloved ones.

To wish a safe trip to the lucky ones who are going to discover the world, and also to send the beautiful houses of Montreal all over the world!


To take the time to write a lovely ‘I miss you’ or ‘Take care’ card to a friend we’ve not seen for a long time...


To thank friends who took care of our little plants during our absence.

To congratulate recently engaged or married friends with an original and flowery card!

To send a seeded card that can be planted immediately, what a good idea!

Because it feels so special to receive a cute handwritten card from our beloved ones, all year long!

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