Nouveauté: nos cartes-chiffres sur le thème des habitations

New product alert: Our flash-number cards

Many ways to enjoy our new set of flash-cards

We just launched a brand new collab with the on-line baby shop Le Monde est tout-petit. This is our third collab with Ingrid, after our « Month after month” milestone cards, and the Alphabet flash-cards. This time, we took interest in numbers and imagined a new flash-cards set, illustrated with homes & buildings from all around the world.

Going from 1 to 10, the cards show the numbers written with letters and are associated with the correct number of illustrations, which makes the whole learning process fun and attractive to kids.

Disclaimer: We chose consciously to print our cards on recycled paper. It’s a choice we’ve been making since our first collab with Le monde est tout-petit. It requires a bit more delicateness when you manipulate the cards, which is a good exercise J - However, feel free to laminate the cards if you want to!

Here are  10 ways to enjoy our flash-cards to play and learn at the same time!

 1-Place the cards in a jumble, and ask your kid to place them in the correct range from 1 to 10 (or from 10 to 1)

 2-Lay the cards without specific order, announce a number and ask your kid to point it

 3-Lay the cards in order and remove one: your kid will have to figure out which one is missing

 4-Lay the cards in order and ask your kid to place in front of each card as many items as the number / illustrations on the card

 5-Hide the illustrations and ask the kid which number is written // Hide the number and ask the kid to count the illustrations.

 6-On a black/white board, write the numbers frm one to ten, then ask your kid to pick a card: he then will have to erase the correct number on the board. Do it until there is no number left.

 7- Take a wood tray and spread sand/salt/sugar/flour, and pick a card: the kid will draw the number with their finger. This method is a good training for writing.

 8- Learn about sums! Associate 2 cards (or more) and ask your kid how much those two numbers make.

 9- Ask your kid to pick out the card that represent: their age / How many siblings they have / The days left before the weekend / the number of their cuddy toys

10-When your kid starts to learn how to read, hide the rest of the card to show only the number written in letter, ask them to read it. Later, they can do it all over again in the other language!

And don’t forget about our quiz-cards! They are included in every flash-card set, and they are the perfect way to practice their brand new skills.


Our number flash-cards are the perfect gift for Christmas stockings: they’re tiny, easy to carry, fun yet educative, eco-conscious, locally-made and they cost less than 10$! The perfect gift for families with young kids.


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